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Why Buy Certified?

Well, we are going to keep this simple…

Buying a certified used car gives you many of the benefits of a new car but at a discounted price and eliminates one of the major drawbacks to buying a regular used car: uncertainty about the condition and history of the car.

Often referred to as the “cream of the crop” of used cars, certified used cars offer consumers a myriad of benefits, including:

  • Extended warranties
  • Vehicle history reports
  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Trip interruption services
  • Favorable financing rates
  • Peace of mind
  • and many more…

Certified used cars are gaining popularity as a fiscally smarter decision than buying a new car or a regular used car.


A new car loses value the minute you drive off the car lot. In fact, new cars typically depreciate about 20% during the first year of ownership..

A regular used car, although cheaper, may come with hidden problems that only surface after your purchase. For instance, a faulty transmission or water pump can cost hundreds of dollars, or substantially more, to repair or replace – not to mention the time and effort that will go into fixing these long overdue issues.

The smarter choice…

By choosing a certified used car, you get a relatively new car at a substantial discount, plus the peace of mind knowing that your CPO car was inspected and repaired by trained service technicians.

Why buy new and instantly lose money or buy used and risk losing even more money through expensive repair costs? Choose the smarter option and save money and hassles by purchasing a CPO car! Take the next step toward peace of mind and purchase a certified used car today with CertifiedCars.com.