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Why buy Certified? Let’s first define a Manufacturer Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle. An authorized dealer carefully selects a Manufacturer Certified Pre-Owned – car or truck. A Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle (CPO) has passed stringent manufacturer-set inspection guidelines. All cars and trucks complete a vigorous external and internal certification process. Most Manufacturer Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are relatively new, typically less than 5 years old, and have less than 60,000 miles.

Manufacturer Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are part of a Certified Program defined by the manufacturer to hold these vehicles to a higher standard than other pre-owned cars. Although each program is different, all programs include an extensive mechanical inspection to ensure the vehicle does not have any mechanical defects. The certification process also verifies that the vehicle has not incurred any frame damage during the life of the vehicle. The manufacturer backs a Manufacturer Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle with an extended warranty that will commence when the original warranty expires and will extend to a specified number of miles or specific amount of time, whichever comes first.

Often referred to as the “cream of the crop” pre-owned vehicles, these Manufacturer Certified Pre-Owned cars and trucks offer consumers a myriad of benefits: extended warranties, 24-hour roadside assistance, trip interruption services, reduced rate financing and more. In addition to these benefits, consumers get the peace of mind they would not normally get from purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. Manufacturer Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are gaining popularity as a fiscally smarter decision than buying new or used. Manufacturer Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are a cost effective alternative that provides similar benefits to those of a new vehicle by combining the beneficial elements of savings with peace of mind. - Smarter Than Used.

Manufacturer certified used cars

Manufacturer Certified Pre-Owned vehicles not only uphold a higher standard than pre-owned vehicles alone, but they also hold their value longer than non-certified vehicles as well, making them a sound investment. A new vehicle loses value the minute you drive off the car lot. By choosing a Manufacturer Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle option, you get a relatively new vehicle at a substantial discount, saving money and ensuring that when you drive away from the dealership, your Manufacturer Certified Pre-Owned vehicle is going to hold its value and making it easy to upgrade when you are ready.

When purchasing a pre-owned option alone, you do receive a savings benefit but at what cost? Undetected problems may not surface until months after you purchased the vehicle. A faulty transmission or water pump can cost hundreds of dollars, or substantially more, to repair or replace--not to mention the time and effort that will go into fixing an issue that needed addressed long ago. That is why a CPO option is both better than new and better than used. You get the best of both worlds with savings in addition to the manufacturer’s stamp of approval. So take the next step to peace of mind and purchase a CPO vehicle today with

We make your shopping experience an easy one by offering ONLY Manufacturer Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. We hold a higher standard than any other online sale vehicle company does out there by eliminating the option of non-certified vehicles all together. Why buy used and risk losing money, when you can choose Certified and save?

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